You could say my styling fate was sealed at an early age when I insisted on wearing part of my dance recital costume to school.  Those young costume days still play a role in my wardrobe today; I love to mix my tomboy sensibility with a little girly sparkle. Sequins and stripes are among my always-haves.

I have been a NY fashion editor and stylist for over 15 years. I have worked in both print and TV; styling all ages, body types and budgets.  I love the collaborative process and all the gears it takes to tell a visual story. Scouring the market to bring those special unknowns into the spotlight is one of my favorite pastimes.  My ability to always find that perfect something for my private clients is the most rewarding. Updating their look without sacrificing their personal style is my only fashion rule.

I am a work-horse and a clothes-horse and although, I take my work seriously I am laid back and light-hearted. My biggest styling challenge to date has been making sure my toddler is dressed before I leave the house.